Tuesday, August 30, 2011

29 years

I was so fortunate to grow up with three great friends, from the very beginning of my life. We were all born within a month of one another...I spent a lonely first month of life before they followed, and since our parents knew each other we were friends from the start! After high school we have scattered around the country, but try to catch up when we can. A few weeks ago we spent a long weekend together in Steamboat Springs, CO, enjoying good food, local art, tubing down the Yampa river, and even the grand tasting at the Steamboat wine festival!

H & H celebrated their birthday yesterday, and A will tomorrow, so I thought a happy birthday post right in the middle would be appropriate.  Thanks, you three, for 29 years of friendship!

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Toy

Many of my family members are big on sewing, which you may know from me talking about my sister's fabulous etsy business and my references to Mom sewing my prom dresses, and though I always have dreams of altering goodwill finds into amazing numbers like this girl, I haven't done much sewing on my own.  But I've been meaning to. So, imagine how excited I was to acquire this machine for $10 at a garage sale last weekend.  $10!!!! Its a "School Model" so not super fancy... but I think its enough to start.  Hopefully I will have some little sewing project successes to show you later this month!

A note to my mentors: Mom, this likely does not mean I won't come home with a few projects every holiday season, needing your help... Sister, get ready for a request for skype video chat help when I get stuck...

Friday, August 26, 2011

I Heart Photo Booths

Who doesn't love taking funny photos with friends? Here are a few photo booth experiences I've had with good friends this summer. I love taking 4 in a series....planning them out and seeing what happens! Props or no probs, these are goofy and great!!

P.S. I seriously love the mustache props! Would be easy to make with chopsticks and card stock, eh?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Work for Work: Depth of Field

Well, I've been pretty silent on here for awhile...part of that is the intensity of everything going on at work right now as we prepare for the start of the semester! I've been designing like crazy in my 9-5... sometimes in more of a rush than I'd prefer, but still coming out with some stuff I like. Here's the postcard for our film series, which I just sent to the printer... I can't wait to see some of these films!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yard Sale Booty!

My new neighborhood is buzzing with garage sales on the weekends lately. This weekend I stumbled upon a great find: what appeared to be someone's grandma's jewelry box full of treasures! I spent about 20 minutes untangling chains and digging through the mess for earring pairs, but it was worth it. I got all this stuff for $6!!  I have some grand plans for converting clip-on earrings and re-stringing some beads. Others are perfectly wearable as they are. Look for posts on the transformations of some of these jewels soon!