Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Stress. Relieved!

The holidays are fast approaching. Do you feel it?  It is creeping up on me...the panic of choosing the perfect gifts!  Every family has those members who a) seem to have everything, b) already buy whatever they want for themselves, leaving any great idea you had in the lurch or c) don’t want to acquire more junk. 

Never Fear!  Wishpot is here!  

 Last year my friend Amber introduced me to this website, where you can “register” for things you want, rating their priority (“I neeeeeeed it” or “I wouldn’t mind having it” are a few options).  Users can anonymously “reserve” items from your “ wishlist,” indicating to others that this item has already been purchased.  

I do believe that the quality time spent during the holidays is worth more than any stocking stuffer I could get, but it is fun to give gifts that are useful and desired.  What I don’t love about this site is the consumerism encouraged here (with easy links to online shopping, for instance).  However, you can create custom items, so why not request a sewing tutorial or a back rub? Now I just need to get all my family members to fill out lists...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Listening To

Today on repeat is Cloud Cult's "You'll be Bright."  Here's what NPR had to say about this song ( I figure why try to write my own description when this one's so good?):

"All the things you'll love / All the things that may hurt you / All the things you shouldn't do / All the things you'll want to," singer Craig Minowa sings, adding a plea to "travel safely." From first kisses to crises, he lists off blessings and possibilities, with the song getting more urgent and hopeful as it builds to a blessing — "And you'll be bright / You'll be bright" — that soars to tremendous heights. A non-denominational call for fulfillment, "You'll Be Bright" acknowledges humanity's limits even as it calls for us to exceed them. The song was conceived as an invocation for Minowa's infant child, but its message is potent enough to work on anyone.
Take a listen!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Great Illustration

Look at this amazing image that came on a brochure that was mailed to our office today. We get a lot of brochures/posters with the academic/old world/map feel, but this one is a little more unique than many I see.  I love the color and texture of the water, and the whales!!! I will have to come up with a project that needs an image like this soon...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paint Creatures

I was exploring the Communication Arts website the other day and found this amazing ad campaign for a paint company in the Philippines.  How amazing are these paint splash creatures!  Now they may have some photoshop love goin on here, but I still adore them.  Check out the full post here.