Monday, April 22, 2013

Expanding Your Horizons Conference Design

I love being able to spend time doing something I love in order to help out for a good cause. A few months ago, I got a great chance to do that--a former colleague who was helping to coordinate the "Expanding Your Horizons" conference asked if I'd be willing to help them create a design for this year's event. The conference introduces middle and high school girls to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. I loved the idea! It also aligned with something I've been thinking about myself. Though most of my education and career has been more arts/humanities related, I have recently found myself stepping into the (traditionally more "male") tech world as I learn more and more about web development. I think its so important for young women to be encouraged to pursue their passions and not have qualms about entering fields that are typically male-dominated.

I had a great time incorporating science and math iconography into a fun, bright UC BErkeley-specific design.

Here is the design incorporated into the conference website! It was also printed on t-shirts; I'm hoping to get a photo soon. Check out the EYH website for more information about both the local and the national organization, and to volunteer or donate!